3 Online gaming companies showing their interest to sponsor Malaysia largest marathon in 2021

Running a marathon is an excellent way to support a cause. That is why most marathons always have a theme, and the organizers try their best to get media attention to ensure that the agenda of the marathon is felt. The biggest Malaysia Online Casino challenge for the organizers always comes in getting people to sponsor the marathon so that they can get as many participants as possible. The role of the sponsor is always to cater to some logistics of the event. There are numerous marathons held in Malaysia every year. These may not need as big a sponsorship as the largest marathon scheduled for 2021. These have brought in many participants and sponsors that want to see it become a success. There have also been other unlikely participants, online gaming companies. They have decided to share their big revenues to see the programs becoming a success.

How to Find Marathon Sponsors

For a marathon to find a sponsor, it requires proper pitching and skilled organization. To make online gaming companies become a part of these marathons, you have to show them the benefits.

1: Be ready to try many: For you to land a sponsor, you must be open to trying out many other sponsors so that you do not get thrown off when the one you were banking on fails to come through.

2: Have a concise goal: Most companies, like the gambling companies, get a lot of proposals from different event organizers. They, therefore, prefer if the sender has been very clear in their concept or proposal on how exactly they come into the sponsorship deal and what is expected of them. They should also know how they will benefit from the sponsorship.

3: Have an audience: Before a company fixes a sponsorship deal with you, they must be sure that you have an audience either as an individual marathoner or as the entire team of people who will be running the marathon.

Why Betting Companies Sponsor Marathons

1: To build their brands: Having a betting company on the back of T-shirts or banners is a good way of improving publicity. It is a great way to attract new customers and increase revenues.

2: As part of corporate social responsibility: Betting companies, just like any other profit-making venture, have a responsibility to give back to the community. Sponsoring marathons that champion a cause is one way to do it.

3: To boost customer loyalty: when punters see that the company, they bet with is sponsoring a marathon or any event, they are likely to feel some level of pride and want to engage more with it.

4: To encourage participation: This is especially for brands that have a big following. When they are the main sponsors, they attract participants.

These are some of the online gaming companies that have shown an interest in sponsoring Malaysia’s largest marathon in 2021

1: Betway

Launched in 2005, Betway has been one of Europe’s most comprehensive sportsbooks that features more than 30,000 betting markets and includes hundreds of additional games for every type of bettor. Betway’s founders have made it their mission to provide players with the most online betting options possible, and that is reflected throughout their sportsbook and online casino as well. Their presence has also been growing fast in Malaysia with thousands of customers. In a bid to become the best and make their brand known, Betway is one of the sponsors of the biggest marathon in Malaysia in 2021

2: 22Bet

Established in 2017, 22bet has proven itself a respectable bookmaker with a wide variety of bet options and a top-notch casino. Specializing in sports betting, 22bet has made it easy for many players to enjoy the sports they like while keeping things interesting with a couple of profitable bets. Besides an easy-to-use interface and a wide selection of betting options, 22bet offers around the clock support, simple and quick withdrawal methods, live bets, a useful forum, and much more. The bookmaker calls itself one of the most diverse sports betting providers for CIS countries. A closer look at its offerings can help you make a decision. To diversify its revenue streams, the company is looking to sponsor the incoming marathon in 2021. This will see their customers increase and from the sales of the marathon, they will increase their revenues.

2: Bodogg88

If you’re familiar with the Bodog brand that was previously targeted to the United States, and now Canada, you’ll be happy to know that Bodog is available to Asian sports betting markets as well. Available to a wide range of Asian countries, Bodog88 ties itself to a brand that has been a powerhouse in the sports betting industry for over a decade. They are speculated to be part of the sponsors of the oncoming marathon in 2021. From their huge revenue streams, they will be a big assistance.

With these sponsors, the oncoming marathon is likely to be very successful. These companies rake in billions and this being diverted towards making the marathon successful; it is bound to be the best of 2021.

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