Amber Necklace Natural Solution When Baby Teaches

Amber stone is increasingly popular with babies. It is believed that amber can help reduce the baby’s pain when teething. Not merely a belief, but it is supported by a scientific explanation.

One of the benefits of the amber necklace is believed to be effective in helping to relieve pain when the baby is in a period of dental growth.

As you know, that tooth growth in babies can indeed provide discomfort for the baby. Examples are pain and like swelling in the baby’s gums. In addition, tooth growth in infants is also often accompanied by fever, excessive saliva production, to anxiety in infants and difficulty sleeping.

Of course, this condition makes parents, especially mothers, take part in feeling uncomfortable.

Amber teething necklace for Babies Are Natural Solutions

Many artists today use amber as a natural alternative to help babies cope with discomfort when teething. This was done by Jessica Iskandar on her son, El Barack. Also done by Chelsea Olivia and also Nagita and Raffi Ahmad. The goal is to reduce pain when the baby is teething.

There is science behind Amber’s elements. A study has proven that amber rocks that come into contact with baby’s skin can help someone sleep better.

Amber’s necklace and bracelet are another option solution without having to rely on medical drugs. Baltic amber has the power that can be directly transferred to the baby’s body and provides peace to the baby naturally, to make the baby comfortable and sleep better.

The content in amber rocks is succinic acid, which can reduce pain or pain and reduce swollen gums. Reported by the Bambeado site, the specialty of Baltic amber that distinguishes it from other types of amber is its succinic acid content of 3 – 8 percent. Baltic Amber releases succinic acid when warmed to the body’s temperature and then absorbed by the body through the bloodstream.

Content in Amber Stones

Baltic amber rocks are fossils derived from pine tree sap. This type of amber contains high succinic acid. The lighter and thicker the sap, the higher the concentration of the substance. This succinic acid is usually found in plants and animals. The succinic acid substance that can help amber necklace users become healthier.