Benefits and properties that exist in rendang meat

Usually crowned rendang bandung padang as the most delicious food number 1 in the world, recorded evidence is not in doubt the delicacy of rendang spice original Indonesia that has been registered to UNISCO.


Benefits that exist in the beef for the needs of the human body:

Every 100 Grams of beef contained 18.8 grams of protein. This protein from beef is called animal protein that has a structure of amino acids similar to humans, which can not be produced by the body (Essensial), the amino acid structure is relatively more complete and balanced. The digestibility of animal protein is better than that of vegetable protein (from plants). The human body will be very good if you get protein intake, because protein is the compiler of most human organs, such as heart, skin, lungs, brain, hair, muscle, and others. While the function of proteins that are important for the human body, among others to: Efficacious repair damaged cells

• Efficacious for growth,
• Efficacious for maintaining the acid-base balance of blood,
• Efficacious as a forming material gland plasma, hormone and enzyme that serves as energy or energy reserves, if the carbohydrate as the main energy source is not sufficient,

Children who often eat food with animal protein content will appear to grow faster, have stronger endurance, and are smarter than children who rarely eat high-protein foods. Growing fast is characterized by the body contains, looks fresh and fatter and taller. While having a strong endurance is usually characterized by a rarely sickly and active or a lot of activity and agile.
In addition to proteins such as the above, fat was also has additional properties for the human body, namely as energy or energy savings. While the fat contained in beef also serves as a solid energy source for the human body, each gram of beef fat can produce up to 9 kcal of energy. Not only that, fat is also beneficial for the human body to save thiamin and protein, and make the feeling of satiety felt longer.

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