Carotid Stenting to Prevent Stroke

Have you ever had a sudden vision problems with the arms and legs felt weak and numb on one side, trouble speaking or understanding words of others, accompanied by headache and confusion that lasted only a few seconds? It could be that you are experiencing at the time was a mild stroke or in medical terms is called a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA), especially if you have risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, and a history of coronary heart disease.

One cause mild stroke is narrowing of the carotid artery or a large vein in the neck and is the medical term carotid artery stenosis. Just imagine if the blood vessels are employed as the main line supplying blood to the brain to narrow, of course, very dangerous. Similarly, if a stack of steel fat in the blood vessels, chronic suddenly miss and then clog blood vessels in the brain, as an organ of course highly dependent on oxygen, causing permanent damage to the brain’s nerve cells. It can last a few hours after the blockage. The situation is what we call a stroke.

Alternative Therapy to Prevent Stroke

In addition to surgery, one of the treatment options for carotid artery narrowing is by installing a stent or a sort of ring in the carotid arteries are narrowed or in medical terms is called Carotid Stent. Not unlike the stent in the coronary arteries in patients with coronary heart disease, the Stenting procedure without surgery or general anesthesia, but the stent through a small catheter that is inserted through a blood vessel in the groin.

At this time in the hands of experienced experts, carotid stenting is safe and has a satisfactory success rate. But of course, this does not do the entire lighter stroke patients. When patients undergo several examinations and have established a significant narrowing of the carotid arteries, the choice between surgery or carotid stenting will be reviewed and offered to patients. Nevertheless, once any given therapy will be better if you can do early prevention against the risk of narrowing of the carotid arteries and coronary arteries in the heart that is currently the leading cause of death in the world.

If your waist circumference greater than 90 cm for men and 80 cm in women, then you should start alert. Who knows you already suffer from metabolic syndrome, which is a group of risk factors for the narrowing of the carotid and coronary arteries of the heart. This syndrome consists of a waist size above normal triglyceride levels above 150 mg / dl, low HDL, high blood pressure more than 130/85, and fasting blood glucose levels over 110 mg / dl. If in the three-day show it, then you are at risk for a stroke or heart attack.

How To Prevent Stroke Early in order to prevent and avoid stroke every person should get used to maintain a healthy lifestyle and patterns, the following tips to avoid from the attack of stroke:

  • Stop and keep away from smoking. Smoking habits can cause atherosclerosis (hardening of blood vessel walls) and will make your blood becomes easy to clot. This causes the smoker’s body more frequent and susceptible to stroke
  • Regular blood pressure checks. High blood pressure can make your blood vessels experience extra pressure. Although not showing symptoms, always check the blood pressure regularly. It is to know how your blood pressure, if you have abnormal blood pressure, there will be early prevented not to lead to the threat of stroke.
  • Control heart disease. If you have heart disease or symptoms like high cholesterol and irregular beats, be careful because it will increase the risk of stroke. Consumption of foods that do not contain lots of cholesterol.
  • Overcome and control stress and depression. The biggest cause of stroke at this time is much due to stress and too much thought.