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What to Know about Ducts and Their Uses

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have all an important component called the ducts. Performing a very important function in delivering and removing air are the ducts. All HVAC systems perform transfer of air in different directions, from supply, return, to the exhaust. The ducts of the ventilation system ensures air quality and temperature through the transfer of air from the outside to the inside of the room.

In transferring and distributing the cold air, from one point to the next and wherever needed, is served through the ducts of the airconditioning system. With the ducts, the performance of fans, ACs and coolers have no limit. The reduction of the speed of cold air and the minimization of the level of noise, are done through the help of the ducts.

Air conditioning ducts have three types.
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The Overhead ducts is the first type that we will describe. These are the ducts with steel wires that are suspended overhead. The sides of ducts have small holes, and the purpose of these is to generate streams of cold air that mixes with the warm air in the room, then move the air throughout the building while reducing the temperatures.
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Very hot environment or industries like commercial laundries and bakeries, use the other type of ducts which are for very hot environment, and these ducts have holes positioned at 4 and 8 o’clock angles that aimed to direct cold stream at downward direction.

The third kind of ducts are for spot cooling which are both in plain and perforated ducts. This type of duct is one which has to be connected to any portable AC unit. The cold stream is released where it is needed with this accurate method thereby reducing the cost of energy.

Providing you comfort during the summer season is none other than your air conditioning system. Your rooms will have the cool and pleasant ambiance if you use the best air conditioning system that has the efficiency to provide a good amount of cool air in your home. When you choose the best air conditioning units for your home, it is important that you understand the kinds of ducts to give maximum performance.

A system that utilizes a single duct with an inch of insulation covering the core is the evaporative air conditioning ducting. With the air in this type of air conditioning system that moves very fast, the heating and cooling effects have no time be eliminated.

Generally, air conditioning duct has a warranty or guarantee good for about five to ten years. Refrain from purchasing from suppliers who do not give you this guarantee.