Good Bacteria For Children

The first studies on probiotic health effects were done on digestive diseases such as diarrhea and abdominal infections. In particular, research on how probiotic bacteria could protect against rotavirus. But as the amount of knowledge increased, it was also interesting to investigate whether normal healthy children could benefit from drinking milk containing probiotic lactic acid bacteria of the type Lactobacillus GG, LGG, the best documented probiotic bacteria.

Minor respiratory infections and less use of antibiotics:

Finland has long been at the forefront when it comes to probiotic. A group of Finnish researchers initiated a study involving 571 children in Finnish nurseries. The children were divided into two groups each day for 7 months in the winter months received either 2.6 ml of sour milk containing LGG or regular sour milk. The researchers’ material gave them the answers they were surprised: Children who received fermented milk containing LGG, was rarely absent from kindergarten than those who received usual sour milk. Fewer of the children in the probiotic group had respiratory infections, and they spent 20% less antibiotics. The effect of probiotic milk is moderate, but definitely healthy.

Fewer infections in day care:

Children who stay indoors for several hours each day along with several other children, tend to become infected by various diseases such as “go”. Studies have shown that kindergarten children are 1.5 to 3 times the risk of various respiratory and gastrointestinal infections at home this child or children in family day care. It turns out that new children are most vulnerable; they are easier ill with various respiratory and gastrointestinal infections as a result of being with many children indoors. For some, the constant infections mean big absence from the nursery. The results from the Finnish study suggest that probiotic milk could enhance the immune system of children so that they get fewer sick leaves.

Positive for dental health:

Another Finnish study showed that LGG-milk can protect children’s teeth against tooth decay. In a study conducted for the Finnish dairy Valio, the risk of caries attack reduced by regular use of LGG-milk. The study was conducted on 600 children. Those who drank milk with LGG had 44% less risk of being affected by caries than those receiving normal milk.

For children over one year:

In Norway, all probiotic milk products fermented with LGG bacteria. Science Committee of the Food Safety Authority has recommended that products containing LGG should be used for sick and / or healthy infants and toddlers until they are one year old and that products containing LGG should only be used in limited amounts (one serving a day) from one year of age.