How to Avoid High Costs of Dental Care

It is so easy to neglect dental health. You get up in the morning, use your mouthwash and brush your teeth and be on your way. Plus, you know your kids are taking shortcuts with brushing, and you let it slide hoping for the best. As for flossing, some do it and a lot do not. Then, seemingly out of the blue, you get a pain in a tooth and need to go to a dentist. The you act surprised at the cost. Our dentist in Wollongong helps us to avoid things such as extractions, root canals and ever needing dental implants. It is much less expensive to take care of your teeth for a lifetime, including routine exams and cleanings, than it is to pay for things such as partials or dentures.

The problem is that it is so easy to ignore your teeth when they are not giving you any trouble. To make matters worse is that when your teeth start to hurt, it is often too late to save them. Sure, a root canal can help for some teeth but they do fail. What makes more sense is not letting your teeth get to the point of ever needing a root canal along with a post and crown. Fake teeth need a lot of maintenance. You have to be just as careful in caring for them as you do your real teeth. The roots of post and crown teeth need to be regularly examined to not lose them to more decay. Implants can fail too. Keeping your real teeth is the best and cheapest option.

How do I know? Well, I have had several root canals and now have a partial. I did not take care of my teeth as good as I should have. I got on the bandwagon of brushing appropriately at least twice a day because of our dentist in Wollongong. I floss twice per day and use oral rinses too. I have not had a cavity since. I wish I had done this since I was a child. I would not be wearing a partial.