My Hair Was Thinning All over

I went to see a dermatologist in Santa Monica not long ago because of my hair. I actually had no idea that a dermatologist was the kind of doctor I would see for thinning hair, but I was happy to have found a solution for it. When the doctor saw me and did his initial examination, it involved some blood tests too to check my thyroid, which turned out to not be the problem. He indicated that it could be a mix of a medical condition I have as well as genetics, but that I was to not worry because there were options.

When he explained the NeoGraft Hair Transplant System, I was initially concerned about it. I had done some research on hair transplant procedures, and I was not so sure that I wanted to undergo a painful procedure. He explained that this is the latest technology and that it is not similar to other hair transplant procedures at all. While others in the past, and what some other doctors still use today, can be painful and take a while to work, the NeoGraft procedure is painless and takes a much shorter period of time to work.

He showed me a video of it and explained in detail how it works, and my confidence continued to grow that this was the right way to approach my thinning hair. I was tired of trying to hide the small patches where hair just no longer covered my scalp, and I really missed the confidence that I used to have without even trying. I decided to go ahead with the transplant procedure, and it turned out to be the best decision I could have made. My hair is once again lush and thick, and I cannot tell I had any help in getting it that way!