New Types of Fitness Classes Offer Fun and Variety to Avoid Plateaus

Exercising alone can get pretty boring. This is the case when working out at home as well as in a crowded gym without a supportive accountability partner. The cure for this boredom is fitness classes. Most gyms offer a variety of classes at various price points. Some include the cost of the classes with the monthly membership fee, while some gyms charge extra for any classes they offer.

There are common classes that can be found on nearly every gym calendar. Yoga, spinning and dance classes are among the most popular. However, since nearly everyone today seems to be interested in losing weight and toning their bodies, there are some new and interesting classes being offered in gyms and private facilities. Anyone who is tired of doing regular yoga might consider getting their dog involved and join a doga class. Doga claims to be good for the dog owner as well as their dog. Fortunately, Woman of Many Roles has put together a list other classes available for those who don’t have dogs or aren’t interested in working out with their best friend.

Hula classes are also taking hold and filling up for every session. The reason these classes are so popular is because they are fun and easy. Most people used a hula hoop as a child. Some were better at it than others. However, most adults aren’t very good at hula hooping unless they’ve been practicing. This makes someone who attends these classes a lot more interesting.

Yoga and Pilates classes are available nearly everywhere. Now there’s a new fitness class that combines the stretching of yoga with the toning of Pilates. Most gyms don’t offer these classes so anyone who wants to try them will have to find a private instructor. They tend to be more expensive than some of the other classes but they might just be worth the extra expense. The new blend of moves with PiYo could be really beneficial for someone who has reached a plateau with either one of these types of exercise. The new classes available today can offer some variety for anyone who is bored or hasn’t been able to reach their goals.