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Are Steroids Beneficial to the Body? Many athletes have used steroids in their athletic careers which have led to sports scandals and the reopening of the discussion of the risks and benefits of the drug. Our body naturally produces hormones and steroids are the synthetic versions of these hormones. Synthetic testosterone is a copy of the male hormone which most athletes take. Enhancement of the growth of the muscles, hastening the repair of strained muscles and prolonged workouts are just some of the benefits that athletes gain when taking steroids either orally or by injection. Building muscles and the improvement of athletic performance are the key benefits of using steroids that the medical community has acknowledged.
Learning The Secrets About Steroids
It is said that using steroids help the body build more muscle, helps recover from exercise quickly so that you can exercise harder and more frequently.
Case Study: My Experience With Steroids
There are risks to taking steroids especially when they are bought from sources where the ingredients are unregulated and it can have side effects that are not good for the body. You are increasing the risks from taking steroids as you increase you consumption of it, just like the effect of any other drug. The initial side effects of taking steroids include acne, hair growth, and increased aggression. Progressively, when the body senses the presence of artificial hormones, it responds by making less on its own. The other side effects that one can experience when taking steroids regularly is the shrinking of the testicles, lowered sperm count, and infertility in some users. Other side effects of using steroids is the increase of cholesterol, fluid retention, and high blood pressure which can lead to long term effects. Stroke, heart attack or sudden death are the risks which steroid users are exposed to. Stopping the use of steroids for heavy users will result in withdrawal symptoms like nausea, depression, muscle aches, and irritability. The muscles will shrink and the strength will decline over six to twelve weeks after the user stops taking the drug. When a user stops taking steroids, the infertility can be reversed within a year. But if the person is a long term user, infertility can take years. Long term users of steroids are at risk or permanent damage to the heart and liver and it has also been linked to prostate and testicular cancer. When patients undergo medical treatment, doctors sometimes recommend the use of steroids. When bone marrow transplants were not yet common, people with anemia were treated with steroids. Steroids were also used for AIDS patients and those who illnesses that result in muscle depletion and weight loss. Burn patients can benefit from steroids because it helps hasten healing. There are steroids that you can use to stop inflammation. The drugs that doctors use to treat asthma attacks are a form of steroid. Steroids used by healthy athletes is controversial because of their competitive advantage and its risks.