Storage System and Medical Record

In reference to the medical file documents comprise confidential individual knowledge, then any form sheet doc medical information should be protected by means inserted into the folder or folders so that every folder comprises data and knowledge on the results obtained companies particular person patients. For storage, doc folder of medical data shouldn’t be the same because the folder or folders usually. Storage of medical records document goals for:

  • Simplify and speed up the recovered doc medical information which might be stored within the shelf submitting.
  • Easy to take from the storage.
  • Easy returns.
  • Protect doc medical records of the hazard of theft, harm to bodily, chemical and organic.

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Doctor holding out stethescope

Terms document medical records can be saved is if the charging knowledge service lead to sheet kind and the medical file has been filled in utterly and have assembled such that a patient’s medical history in chronological sequence.

Judging from the centralization or unification document medical data, then it is saved is split into three ways:


  • Centralized
    Medical document document storage techniques centrally is a storage system by incorporating types belonged to a patient medical data into a single folder.
  • Decentralization
    Document storage system that’s decentralized medical information storage system by separating the paperwork belonged to a affected person between outpatient medical information, medical information document the emergency and hospitalization in a separate folder and or house or a place of its personal.
  • Satellite
    Satellite storage system is a storage system by combining centralized and decentralized techniques. This system works only with hospitals that already use computerized. The benefits of utilizing this system is the retrieval and search faster information, whereas information security weakness remains to be questionable.
    Of the three storage systems centralization better way. But its implementation depends upon the circumstances of every hospital.

Document medical data are saved into the storage cabinets are usually not stacked however are ready to face parallel to at least one one other. Alignment document medical records to comply with the medical record quantity order with three ways:

  • The direct number system
    Alignment system with a direct quantity or referred to as Straight numerical filing (SNF) is a approach of storing medical information document by aligning document report.
  • The storage system closing determine
    Alignment system with a remaining determine, or so-called Terminal Digit filing (TDF) is a medical file doc retention by aligning the documents folder of medical data in order of medical file number in the second last group numbers. To run this technique, the first set of storage shelves by dividing it into a hundred sections corresponding 2 digit last group ranging from section 00, 01, 02 and so forth until 99.
  • 1.The central figure Systems
    System alignment with the middle quantity or the so-called Middle Digit Filing (MDF) is a storage system by aligning doc medical data in order of medical report number in 2 digits center group. How to run the identical system with a remaining determine, which distinguishes its order.This system makes use of 2 digits to the center group. Advantages and disadvantages same as the ultimate determine.
    Medical record doc storage location of frequent errors. This occurs because many medical file paperwork that should be taken and stored day-after-day. To overcome this, the system juxtaposition remaining figures or middle number, could be shade coded in response to two numbers the group used as a juxtaposition. Provisions colours namely:
    Score 1 = Purple
    Figures 2 = Yellow
    Figures three = Dark inexperienced
    Figures 4 = Orange
    Figures 5 = Light blue
    Figures 6 = Brown
    Figures 7 = Redness
    Figures eight = Green mild
    Figures 9 = Red
    Score 0 = dark blue
    Colors are affixed below the related medical file number. For example within the medical document quantity 2 digits the final group was 21 then, under the quantity to be affixed yellow and purple.