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Four Reasons Why Big Bend National Park is a Must-See

You cannot easily access the Big Bend National Park, but you can compare it to the rest of the best National Parks in the country because of its beauty and sheer size.

The Solitude – there are 1,250 square miles of land in the Big Bend National Park, about the same size as that of Rhode Island. With more than 300,000 visitors yearly, it means there are about 821 visitors daily. That means for each visitor, they have 1.5 square miles of personal space in the wild. Certain parts of the park will always be a favorite among visitors, but if you decide to go explore the Big Bend National Park hiking trails while backpacking, you may not see another person for the following three to five days of wandering. But it is crucial you are aware that an isolation like this in the park is something serious. There are snakes, bears, and mountain lions everywhere and the dry desert can be hard on the visitors. When you encounter a park ranger to see your permit, make it a point you are prepare to answer his questions like where you’ll likely go hiking in Big Bend, where you’ll go camping, and how prepared you are for this experience. It is expected to get your photo taken together with the park ranger, including photos of your gear, soles, and hiking boots. There were many tourists who visited the park unprepared and were never found. It is not intended to frighten you but to ensure you come prepared for whatever you’ll experience while hiking Big Bend.

The Night Sky – considered as one of the 30 dark sky parks globally by the International Dark Sky Association and included in the USA Today’s top ten darkest National Parks. It is possible that Big Bend is the darkest in the top 48 darkest parks. The contrast is so obvious when looking at our normal night sky and the one when hiking in Big Bend. The light is shun by the darkness and shooting stars can be seen everyday.
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The Sunrise and the Sunset – the sunrise and the sunset when hiking in Big Bend is breathtaking because of the different colors in the sky and in the ground. The sky lights up the clouds in shades of pink and purple and the light gives the burnt orange and red desert a surreal look.
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The Wildlife – wildlife is thriving because there are only a few people visiting the park. Mule deers graze like a typical cattle, coyotes oddly scamper by, snakes bask under the sun’s heat, 14 scorpion species are native to Big Bend, Black Bears are common among campsites, and Mountain Lion tracks are everywhere the trail. You can surely experience living in the wild during your short stay in Big Bend. It is obvious the wildlife reigns supreme in this part of the world.