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How Women Can Achieve Their Weight Loss and Fitness Goals We all know that exercises are important and we do not exercise to lose the extra pounds we have but to maintain healthy bodies. If we exercise regularly we strengthen our muscles and bones and boost our metabolism rate. A healthy stamina and endurance will be build up by a healthy body for those who live a hectic life. All of us know it is important to exercise but very few exercise actually many of us would prefer sleeping rather than exercising. Here are some tips that will help women maintain a healthy body weight. Unlike men, women are prone to osteoporosis among other diseases that are why it is important for them to exercise regularly. Many women are always under pressure to keep themselves beautiful and sexy and putting into practice some of these tips will be of benefit to them. A woman willing to attain a healthy look should exercise at least 2-3 times in a week for 20-60 minutes this is possible to some women and very impossible to others. A woman is always tied up by personal commitments, family responsibility and friends all these will keep her away from the gym. If a woman can squeeze her schedule and get some time to work out it would be very good for her health. If you are the kind of a woman who gets time to work out you should keep up the pace and gradually increase with time. Lifting weight will work out better for women than the cardio exercises they concentrate on. The greatest benefit if lifting weights are that physical changes will start being seen in a few weeks. It is also good to keep in mind the heart rate and the recommended optimal heart rate is 75-80%. It would be good if a woman monitors her heart rate during exercise because most of them use 50% of their heart rate. It is also very important for a woman to carefully follow the diet plan that they are given by their nutritionist. Exercising and following the diet will enable a woman to have a healthy body and shape she has always admired. For motivational purposes women can include their families in their workouts. If a woman wants to avoid heart diseases, cancer, reduce cholesterol, minimize body fats, and reduce the risk of getting stroke, she should work-out. A woman’s well-being is improved, she gets fit and stronger, she gets a trimmed body and regulated periods when she works out.
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There are other workouts a woman can perform other than cardio and lifting weights such as swimming, yoga and walking. Women can be able to handle 1000 responsibilities thrown to the if they realize their healthy lifestyle leads to better performance at work and in their careers.The Ultimate Guide to Exercises