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Merchant Account Services – An Overview

Merchant account services play the role of middlemen between businesses and their customers’ credit card issuer or bank.They process payments and ensure the money is properly withdrawn from a credit card account and deposited into the merchant account of the business.As soon as the money clears each of the various processing protocols, it may be transferred from the merchant account to the business’ standard bank account.

Who Should Open a Merchant Bank Account?

Merchant service providers provide this option for almost all kinds of businesses, including physical and virtual businesses, but there are methods of accepting credit cards that don’t need a merchant service.Still, there are noted benefits that come with using one, such as seamless transactions.
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Types of Merchant Accounts
A Simple Plan: Accounts

Merchant services frequently, but not always, offer merchant bank accounts accepting payments through debit or credit cards.Such accounts serve as temporary locations for any card payments that will be received by a business.When the funds are approved, the merchant service provider moves the money, its commission deducted, to the bank account of the business owner.

Before opening a merchant account, it is important to make sure that the merchant service provides the type of merchant account you actually need, depending on your type of business.

These are the types of merchant accounts are available these days:

> Retail merchant account – This merchant is the common choice of businesses where customers’ cards could be physically swiped on the payment terminal.

> Internet merchant account – This is a merchant account intended for web-based businesses, allowing credit and debit card information to be collected and processed through the merchant’s website.

> Mail or telephone order (MOTO) merchant account – This type of merchant account works for businesses that take payments via direct mail or phone.

Payment Acceptance Equipment

Merchant service companies offer businesses a set of equipment necessary to accept debit and credit cards, such as point-of-sale terminals, PIN-pad terminals, wireless terminals and simple swipers, either for rent or for sale.Business owners also have the option to source their equipment elsewhere.

Cost of a Merchant Account

The fees associated with merchant accounts vary significantly, depending on the provider.Generally, the following will be included:

> Gateway payment (monthly from $5 to $15)

> Minimum fee (monthly, about $25)

> Statement fee (monthly, about $10)

> Transaction fees (between 0.5-5 per for every processed transaction, + $0.20 – 0.30 for each transaction)

As the rates can differ substantially among various providers, business owners who take credit or debit card payments should take their time shopping around, making sure they find the best deal available to them. Seeking referrals from business associates is always a good start.