Top skincare myths debunked

If you care about your skin, there is a good chance you’ve read lots of articles and listened to many opinions about how to take care of it. However, knowledge is changing all the time, and some old wives’ tales persist despite advancing knowledge. Here is a look at a few myths and the reality behind them.

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Skin cream keeps you looking younger

There is an active ingredient in many skin creams that helps smooth out fine lines and wrinkles called retinoic acid, also known as Retin-A. Is one cream with this ingredient better than any other? It’s hard to say. If you really want to keep your skin looking young for longer, make sure you wear sunscreen and avoid smoking as these are the leading causes of premature skin aging.

You need antibacterial soap to be really clean

Actually, you should avoid using anything with antibacterial ingredients unless you really need it because bacteria can become resistant, and you want to have the ability to use those things when you really need them. A regular soap or cleanser will be enough for general use.

If you have sensitive skin, avoid harsh cleansers like soap-based products. Instead, look at a product range specially developed for sensitive skin like the Avene Sensitive Skin Gift Set, which is available on sites like .

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 Tanning is good or bad for your skin

There’s contradictory advice about tanning. Getting burnt by the sun can lead to skin cancer, but there are benefits to exposing your skin to sunlight, like an increase in vitamin D. The key here is safe tanning. Make sure that you follow sun safety advice like that provided by Cancer Research and you won’t go far wrong.

Scalp massage prevents baldness

There’s no truth behind the idea that massage will prevent you losing your hair; that’s really down to genetics. Although a massage is relaxing and will help improve circulation on the scalp, if the men in your family have male pattern baldness, you probably will, too.

There are many different myths about skin care. As always, you should do your research before trying anything that sounds too good to be true. A good diet, the right balance of rest and exercise, and a great skin care routine are the real secrets.