Types of Mental Disorders in Humans

Each person would not want to experience a mental disorder. However, sometimes circumstances can not make people avoid the condition of psychiatric disorders.

Excessive stress levels due to a cause that is very disturbing physical and psychological are the main factors that can cause a person and then exposed to a mental disorder.

Mental disorder is a condition of their clinical symptoms of the syndrome patterns of behavior and psychological patterns were strongly associated with their discomfort, pain, and not peaceful. Here are a few kinds of mental disorders in humans.For treatment, you can visit e-counseling.com.

Gamomania or obsession to propose marriage. Mental disorders of this type is quite strange (maybe you’ve never met or heard of this type of mental disorder) where a person who is said to have an obsession Gamomania usually have filed or invite married to different people in the same time. In many cases, this can lead to Gamomania polygamy.

People who experience this Clinomania will tend to have a desire to linger in bed especially if it is winter. These Clinomania patients have no desire or obsession to always be on top of the mattress for a long time, even up to a day. Clinomania comes from the Greek meaning “obsession sleep”. Do you belong to the Clinomania?

Onomatomania no less ridiculous than the other types of mental disorders. In patients with this Onomatomania, he has an obsession to repeat the words of specifically because they interfere with his thoughts.

Enosimania this may in some ways be positive as it will lead to prudence, perfect, and more. But if excessive will make yourself uncomfortable, egomania situation where someone is afraid of making a big mistake, fear of criticism, and others. Symptoms that usually occurs in people who have Enosimania includes erratic heartbeat, arises disgust, sweating, breathing becomes short and fast.

Demonomania is very closely related to the existence of supernatural beings or nature. People who suffer from psychiatric disorders of this type always have the feeling of excessive fear, even the fear of being possessed by the evil spirits of the supernatural into his body. People who experience this Demonomania gets worse after he saw horror movies, reading books or listening horror story.

Try to be remembered if you are among those who have always had trouble when trying to make decisions about a case? If so, chances are you suffer from Aboulomania which is a condition where a person has always found it difficult when trying to make a decision, even for a simple thing, though.

Ablutomania might be called positive in the context to keep the body from contamination by germs. But it would interfere if the fear of dirt or germs coming in scale per second which affect the desire to cleanse the body, minimal hands intensely, even frequency. Ablutomania a condition to always cleanse the body.

Maniac This category also quite strange and ridiculous. Trichotillomania is a reflex movement disorders in the form of self-torture like pulling or grabbing hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and more.

Some mental disorders are potential to be experienced by anyone either in the context of mental illness is mild, moderate or severe. Beware and be examined by a specialist psychiatric doctor to get treatment and the right treatment so that mental disorders experienced by you or people nearby could soon be cured.