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How to Inspect Your Home after Hurricane Occurrence

Facing hurricane is not an easy thing. It leaves trauma to the people it happens to because of the effects as well as the fear it instills to the household. The hurricane has led to deaths. People have always been alert anytime the storm is about to happen. It is very sad to see families that have lost their loved ones as well as wanton destruction of homes. If you have gone through hurricane and your house has stood firm, it is essential to carefully inspect it to ensure that everything is in good condition.

Start from checking the uppermost section of your house. Where the roof is very steep and it hard to move on it then you can use binoculars for inspection. Take a closer look at each shingle, iron sheets to ensure that there are no holes created by the storm. The inspection helps you to know if the roof is steady and intact. Incase there are parts that are not there, look for an urgent solution at first. You should organize to have a permanent solution eventually.

Look at the ventilation outlet to ensure they are okay. You should look for a mechanism that is going to help to see inside the outlet. Check at any differences that may be there in the working of the dryer.
The outlet of the furnace should be given a closer look to ensure that debris does not clog it. You may find leaves blown in the vent. Remove them if there are some.

Check at the electrical work in your home. Hire an electrician to check everything if you note any anomalies. Electrical issues need to be handled promptly due dangers they pose.

Ensure that the bars are not damaged. Confirm their stability by physically pushing them.
Water troughs are susceptible to getting harmed by the wind. They can easily get out of balance. A gutter that has been beaten by the winds can swing and eventually collapse. The gutter can damage other property when it falls by itself.

Due to a fence being located in the open, it usually gets damaged when hurricane strikes. Walk along the fence to note if they are some areas that have been made weak by the hurricane. The fencing posts should be tested to confirm they are still strong.

Consider if the old trees are necessary for the home. Assess the possibility of these trees falling and the effects thereof. Hire an arborist to advise you on what you can do to the trees.

Get a contractor do general repair in the house if you cannot handle it by yourself.

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